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Women Elegance Recollection by Albrici

Two weeks ago I walked into the vintage clothes and antiques furniture shop named ALBRICI, which located on the right side of Arno on Via dei Serragli in Florence.


I think that I spent more than one hour browsing the vintage cloths, jewelry, shoes and shoes in the shop. I was very amazed by the rich collection from gala dresses of Pupa Carmine Serandrei, tailor-made Italian dresses, precious and unique designers creations, bags and shoes, hats and jewelry. Curiosity brought me to start a conversation with the shop owner Beatrice Albrici that I founded the information that Albrici family runs antique furniture business for several generations. However, Beatrice, as a woman accustomed for years to compete and collaborate in a male-dominated industry, felt entitled to buy the heritage of haute couture, so different from those antique furniture she was looking for, but at the same time so terribly fascinating.


During the interview with Beatrice, I asked her

-“ Why are you so passionate about the vintage cloths collection?

-“Cloth is a real historical memory of stylistic traditions and testimony of the high skilled artisans. I am not only collecting the cloths, I am also collecting the past time given by cloths”.

-“ What’s your attitude towards fashion?

-“I love YSL, Capucci and Nina Ricci. I like designers that have a sober, refined and pure style. That respect fashion like research. It is a field where it is possible to express art and passion. That makes creations on people. Who study the characteristics and invent something new in the world. I like also the tailor made sector, where research of fabrics and details reach very high levels. My focus is on study, conservation and collection. I love history, and the history of women that expressed them through fashion. I am very happy that a girl like you is passionate about our style from the 50s to the 80s. The 50s fit you very well.”

Except for the vintage cloths, they also have incredible furniture collections, highlights Renaissance fireplaces, Murano glass chandeliers, antique safes and decorative stone and marble elements, which is a perfect place to find a unique piece for your interior design.

Store Information

Opening Hour: Tuesday – Friday 9.00 – 1.00 / 3.00 – 7.00

Phone Number: 055 211 095

Photographer: Leonardo Salvini

Model&Stylish&Article: Yiyun MAO

Clothes&Accessories Provided by Beatrice Albrici

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  1. Danke für die tollen Ideen. Jetzt kann’s auch bei Sturm und Wind nicht langweilig werden. Fröhliche und entspannte Ostern 😉

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